As an IT professional I have been focused on successfully solving technical issues and building upon each of those experiences to take on larger challenges.  However, nothing had prepared me for solving my own individual challenges that could allow me to be seen as an all-around leader that others could follow. Enter Mark Craemer. For the past 6 months, Mark has taken a 360 degree approach and challenged me to see not just my strengths but my growth areas as well. He works with you to produce a plan to not just address those growth areas, but more importantly measure their transition into strengths. Thank you Mark!

Michael McCarty, IT Instructor, Year Up

“Mark was engaged and caring, willing to share his own insights and/or vulnerabilities, and slowly built trust with my staff over the course of the project. When I work with a consultant, I want someone who will both support and critique me so that I can grow…I also want someone who doesn’t claim to have all the answers but is energetic and willing to ‘pull up their sleeves’ to participate in finding some solutions. Mark did all of these things.” 

Jennifer Brandon, Executive Director, Community Voice Mail


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