Workplace Communication

  • Training effective communication skills
  • Increasing trust to create more effective teams
  • Designing and facilitating off-site meetings and retreats
  • Team building and team bonding exercises
  • Optimizing communication of virtual teams                                                    
  • Designing and facilitating communication processes and tools

Organization Development

  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational assessments and surveys
  • Conflict transformation processes
  • Executive evaluation and 360 processes
  • Skills-based training and development programs
  • Improvements to organizational structure, job roles, and responsibilities
  • Designing and facilitating training and development programs
  • Designing and facilitating retreat of off-site meetings
  • Leadership training for groups and teams

Change Management

  • Strategic planning
  • General assessment of readiness for organizational change
  • Designing and managing change or growth initiatives
  • Planning and executing an internal communication strategy
  • Implementation and measurement of change initiatives

Leadership Coaching

  • Individual leadership and executive coaching
  • Evaluation and 360 assessments
  • Needs analysis and feedback delivery
  • Individual development planning
  • Emotional intelligence testing, analysis and training

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