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22nd June 2024


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“Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace” by Mark Craemer

How to Use EQ to Build Strong Relationships and Thrive in Your Career

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Emotional intelligence refers to your skill at identifying and effectively responding to what you, and the people around you, are thinking and feeling―and it’s especially important in professional settings. Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace is your guide to developing your emotional intelligence, with actionable advice and exercises that help you make empathetic decisions, manage stress, resolve conflict, and maintain productive working relationships.

Explore what it means to be emotionally intelligent and actionable ways to apply it for professional success.

The Power of Connection

Learn why emotional intelligence is so critical for collaboration and success, along with easy ways to practice self-awareness, develop flexibility, read a room, and more.

Real-world examples

Find anecdotes and example scenarios that show you the techniques in action and explain how they help build reputation and trust.

Ways to grow and thrive

Discover how increased emotional intelligence opens doors for new opportunities and career advancement.

Workplace Communication, Organization Development, Leadership Coaching

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