Every organization can be challenged by inefficiencies in the way people communicate. And these inefficiencies can leave people feeling a lack of mutual trust, not fully valued and less engaged to do their best.

Turns out the quality of interpersonal relationships can enable you and your workgroups to either thrive or flounder. Things like the level of trust, the diversity of opinions, amount of active listening, using the right medium to convey messages, and enabling for and effectively managing conflict can greatly impact workplace relationships.

I can provide workplace communication services, including:

  • Training effective communication skills
  • Increasing trust to create more productive teams
  • Designing and facilitating off-site meetings and retreats
  • Team building and team bonding exercises
  • Optimizing communication of virtual teams
  • Designing and facilitating communication processes and tools
  • Keynote speaking on many workplace communication topics
workplace communication

Keynote Speaking

Active Listening

Using active listening techniques, you can increase your productivity as well as the ability to influence, persuade and negotiate with others. You’ll avoid conflict and misunderstandings. And you’ll stand out and be respected, since so few people listen well. This interactive session was presented at a staff meeting at a major university.

Emotional Intelligence 101

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is especially important today because the majority of our work requires collaboration with others. Further, two-thirds of all competencies deemed essential of high performance in the workplace are related to EQ. This interactive session was presented at a corporate event.

Safety in Difficult Conversations

Twenty years of research involving more than 100,000 people revealed that the key skill of effective leaders, teammates, parents and loved ones is the capacity to skillfully address emotionally and politically risky issues. Presented at a major university staff meeting.